About Me

Bronzilla Sheppard mom and blogger who enjoys eating healthy foods.

My Goal To You

Hello my name is Bronzilla Sheppard. My goal is to help you feel and look healthier. Many people today just don't know how to eat healthy or know anything about nutrition. I give you simple to understand basic health and nutrition information.

Healthy Elderly African American Man Getting Health Advice From his Doctor & he's with his wife.


I am a mom of two. Two adults that is. Here you'll learn simple healthy and nutritional information to help you feel energized and live a better healthier lifestyle. Eating healthier and knowing about nutrition will help you live longer.

A women and two men eating out healthy.

About My Blog

My blog has simple to understand posts. From time to time videos that will provide great infomation to help you on health, nutrition and weight loss. 

You see in my picture above, this is after I have lost 65 pounds. I had to learn how to eat healthier and learn about nutrition. 

So I am now sharing with you how I lost my weight. I will post new articles on my blog to help guide you to have a healthier life style.

My Sponsorship And AD Policy

I pick the promotions.

My main goal is to be your most confided in partner in your quest for wellbeing and prosperity. I'm focused on bringing you definitive, agreeable, and significant substance that rouses and aides you toward the most ideal wellbeing results for you and your family.   

Actually financing from my sponsors enables me to cover more conditions and give all the more ground-breaking encounters, including video, activitys and contribution from a scope of specialists. Be guaranteed that I'm completely unbendable about my publication self-sufficiency. Other than contribution about wide subject territories, I never enable my backers to impact the substance I make.

I don't support any items but one.

I keep up sole caution for deciding the sorts of promotions that will be acknowledged and shown on my Simple Health And Nutrition Blog. I maintain all authority to reject, drop, or expel any promotions from my blog whenever and for any reason. I will give incite notice to the publicist upon dismissal, retraction, or evacuation of any promotion, alongside a clarification. I likewise maintain whatever authority is needed to decide the fitting arrangement of advertisements on Simple Health And Nutrition Blog.   

Despite the fact that items may show up on blog webpage, by no means will my acknowledgment of any promotion be viewed as a support of the product(s) or potentially service(s) publicized, or for the organization that fabricates, conveys, or advances these product(s) or service(s).

I won't acknowledge certain kinds of advertisements.

I won't acknowledge any promotion that is verifiably mistaken and additionally, as I would see it, in poor taste. Promoted items must be promptly accessible.      

I won't allow, whenever, the position of any promotion for unsafe, illicit or frightful items or administrations. Promotions must not contain deceitful, misleading, or hostile material, including material that distorts, mocks, or assaults an individual or gathering based on age, shading, national inception, race, religion, sex, sexual introduction, or handicap.   

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